AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon

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AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon

We Offer The Various Ac Maintenance And Repairing Services For Air Conditioners & Refrigerators.

As A Leading Ac Repair Service Centre In Vadodara. With The Demand For Accurate, Honest, Timely Done Services With Reliability In Vadodara. We Start Our Firm With Only One Motive And Target To Provide Best And Satisfactory Ac Repairing Services To Our Vadodara Customers, And We Always Provide Our Ac Repairing Services With Affordable And Minimum Prizes By Which We Reach Every Customer Of Vadodara And Its Surrounding Easily.

We Are Dedicated To Providing Our Best Ac Repairing Services To Vadodara Customers That They Really Deserve By Us.  “Ac Service Centre In Vadodara”

Offers Affordable Solutions To A Wide Variety Of Imported And Domestic Home Appliances From All Major Brands Of India Like- Lg, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, Hitachi, Godrej, Voltas, Kelvinator, Racold, Kent, Maytag, Electrolux, Ifb, Siemens, Ge Etc.,

For Our Customers Peace Of Mind, We Offer Valuable Money Saving Service And Maintenance Contracts. Please Call For Additional Details.

We Offer The Various Ac Maintenance And Repairing Services For Air Conditioners & Refrigerators.

Split Ac Or Window Ac, We Are Expert In All  Kind Of Ac Repairing Services.

We Offer An Express Appliance Repair Service At Your Doorstep Throughout The Areas Of Gujarat. Book Your Appointment Now, For A Time That Works Best For You Or Call Us At  +917069509074

  • Professionals

All Of Our Expert And Specialised Service Technicians Are Fully Trained And Qualified To Give You The Best Repair Service At Affordable Prices. We Provide A Prompt And Efficient Service To Get Life Up And Running Again As Quickly As Possible.

  • Free Consultation

We Offer Free Quotes And Consultation Over The Phone, With No Obligation For You To Proceed. We Have A Great Maintenance Service As Well To Keep Your Machines In Full Working Order So As To Avoid Those Expensive Repair Costs.

  • Multi Brand Service

We Are Professionally Qualified To Repair All Major And Leading Appliance Brands. An Iso 9001:2008 Certified Company, Specialized In Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave & Air Conditioner Repair Services.

We Have High-Quality Labour Who Are Trained With The Latest Technology. We Provide Best Quality Material From The Top Partner In The Market.

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me, Vadodara – Galaxy Aircon

If You Are In Emergency Situation, Please Do Not Worry. We Provide 24/7 Service. Whenever You Call, We Service You.

1. GALAXY AIRCON – Best Ac Service In Vadodara

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me - Galaxy Aircon

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon 01

Since 2000, Galaxy Aircon Have Been Offering Streamlined Services Such As AC Installation & Services, Split AC Repair & Services, Central AC Repair & Services, Window AC Repair & Services, HVAC Repair Services, Refrigerator Repair Services, Water Cooler Repair Service, Emergency AC Services, Etc.

25+ Years Of Experience In AC And Refrigerator Repairing Services.

  • Quality Air Conditioner
  • Best Industrial Prices
  • Highest Standards Of Quality
  • Timely Delivery Of Consignments
  • Ability To Produce Bulk Products
  • Transparent Business Operations
  • Wide Distribution Network
  • Commitment To Quality
  • Professional Ac Repair Technician

6 Most Common AC Installation Mistakes To Be Informed About

  • Incorrect Size Of The AC Unit Is A Common AC Installation Mistake.
  • Wrong Wiring
  • Lack Of Insulation On The Suction Line
  • There Are Right Angles With The Suction Line
  • Enough Space Not Left Between The Wall And The AC Unit
  • Overlong Refrigerant Pipes

7 Common Problems With Split AC.

  • Refrigerant Leakage In Split AC
  • Compressor Switching Off Too Frequently
  • Ice Accumulation On Cooling Coil
  • Foul Smell Upon Switching On The AC
  • Split AC Not Starting
  • Indoor Unit Making Too Much Noise
  • Swing Mechanism Not Working

Here Are A Few Tips For Preventing Problems From Developing With Your AC Unit:

  • Remove Brush And Debris Near The Unit.
  • Clean The Condenser Coils Every Spring.
  • Replace Any HVAC Air Filters.
  • Check For Loose Contacts Or Electric Connections.
  • Lubricate Motors And Bearings.
  • Recharge Refrigerant.
  • Ensure The Condensate Drain Is Clear.

2. Galaxy Aircon – Ac Repair Service Center Vadodara, Gujarat

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me - Galaxy Aircon

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon 02

Split Ac Or Window Ac, We Are Expert In All  Kind Of Ac Repairing Services.  AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon

To Maximize The Life Of Your Air Conditioner Maintenance And Service With Our Assistance Would Genuinely Help You In Increasing The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner. We Provide You With Reliable AMC Charges For Air Conditioner.

5 Reasons For Water Leakage From Air Conditioner.

  • Incorrect Ac Installation
  • Air Leakage
  • Lower Outside Temperature
  • Blocked Drainage
  • Ac Condenser Pump Broken


Connects One Indoor Unit To An Outdoor Unit.

Installs Simply And Unobtrusively To Buildings With No Need For Ductwork.

Delivers A Sophisticated Air Conditioning Solution To Single Zone Interior Spaces At An Affordable Price.

Provides A Simple Solution For One-Room Additions.


Connects Up To Five Indoor Units To A Single Outdoor Unit.

Installs A Complete Air Conditioning System To Multiple Zone Interior Spaces With No Need For Ductwork.

Provides Individual Control Of Room Temperature Settings.

Enables Indoor Units Of Different Styles And Capacities In One System For Customized Solutions Unique To Each Residential Setting.


  • Individual Control
  • Energy and Cost Savings
  • Extensive Product Lineup
  • Flexible Installation

Galaxy Aircon  Air Conditioner & Refrigerator Sales And Repair Service Provider.

3. Galaxy Aircon – Split Ac Service Near Me

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me - Galaxy Aircon

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon 03

Split AC Repair Service

A Split Air Conditioner Consists Of The Outdoor Unit And The Indoor Unit. The Outdoor Unit Is Installed On Or Near The Wall Outside Of The Room Or SpACe That You Wish To Cool. If You Want Split AC Servicing For Your Indoor And Outdoor Unit, Split AC Installation, Uninstallation Then Fill Our Booking Form Or Call On 7486863439

Window AC Repair Service

Window AC (Air Conditioner) Is Mounted On Windows Or Walls. It Is A Single Unit That Is Assembled In A Casing Where All The Components Are Located. For Window AC Servicing, Window AC Installation / Uninstallation Fill Our Booking Form Or Call On 7486863439.

Multi-Split AC Repair Service

Multi-Split AC, There Are Two Separate Units; One Outside Your Home And The Other Inside. Our Expert Service Partners Provide The All Brands Repair Service Of Built-In Multi-Split AC With 100% Client Satisfaction. Our Service Partner Comes At Your Doorstep And Repairs Your AC Instantly.

Cassette AC Repair Service

Cassette AC Is Combined With An Indoor Cassette And An Outdoor Unit. We’re Providing Best Service Partners For Your Cassette AC (Air Conditioner) Repair Service At The Reasonable Price. On Your Doorstep. Book Your Service On Just One Call 7486863439

Galaxy Aircon  Ac Repairing Service Centre

4. Galaxy Aircon – AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me - Galaxy Aircon

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon 04

We Are Offering Cleaning Services To Our Clients. Our Services Are Widely Used In Residential And Commercial Sectors. All Our Services Are Rendered In Strict Compliance With The International Quality Standards Using Genuine Raw Material And Advent Tools. Besides, We Render These Services With The Help Of Expert Professionals, Who Possess In-Depth Knowledge And Experience In This Domain.

Window Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner Is Sometimes Referred To As Room Air Conditioner As Well. It Is The Simplest Form Of An Air Conditioning System And Is Mounted On Windows Or Walls.

It Is A Single Unit That Is Assembled In A Casing Where All The Components Are Located.

This Refrigeration Unit Has A Double Shaft Fan Motor With Fans Mounted On Both Sides Of The Motor. One At The Evaporator Side And The Other At The Condenser Side.

Cassette Air Conditioners

Cassette Units Work The Same Way As Wall-Hung Split System Units, With The Difference Being That Cassettes Are Installed Into The Ceiling Instead Of On The Wall.

The Indoor Unit Itself Sits Flush To Your Ceiling And Distributes Conditioned Air Through Two, Three, Or Four Sides Of The Unit. The Outdoor Unit Of A Cassette Air Conditioner Is Mounted Outside, In Much The Same Way As It Would Be For A Conventional Wall Mounted Split System Unit.

Split Air Conditioners

A Split System Air Conditioner Consists Of Inner And Outer Components Or Units. These Two Parts Of The System Are Connected By Piping And Electric Cable, Which Allows The Refrigerant,

A Cooling Agent Used In Refrigeration Products, To Flow To And From each Unit. The Largest Part Of The Air Conditioning System,

Which Is Also The Loudest, Is Situated Outside, While The Lighter And Quieter Unit Can Be Placed Almost Anywhere Inside A Building.

Package Air Conditioners

A Package Unit Is The All-In-One Heating And Cooling System For Homes That Don’t Have A Lot Of Room Indoors For Either A Furnace And Coil Or An Air Handler.

Package Air Conditioner Is A Bigger Version Of The Window Air Conditioner. However, Unlike Window Air Conditioner Or AC Units,

It Has A Higher Cooling Or Heating Capacity And Is Usually Able To Cool An Entire House Or A Commercial Building. The Nominal Capacities Ranges From 3 Tonne To 15 Tonne.

Galaxy Aircon  Ac Repairing Service Centre

5. Galaxy Aircon – Ac Dismantle In Vadodara

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me - Galaxy Aircon

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon 05

What’s An Inverter?

An Inverter Is Energy Saving Technology That Eliminates Wasted Operation In Air Conditioners By Efficiently Controlling Motor Speed.

Air Conditioners Maintain Set Temperature By Cooling When Room Temperature Rises Above The Set Temperature And Heating When The Room Temperature Falls Below The Set Temperature.

Motor Speed In Non-Inverter Type Air Conditioners Remains Constant And Temperature Is Adjusted By Turning The Motor On And Off, Which Consumes More Energy.

In Inverter Type Air Conditioners, Temperature Is Adjusted By Changing Motor Speed Without Turning The Motor On And Off.

Compared To Non-Inverter Type Air Conditioners, Air Conditioners With Inverters Have Less Power Loss And Can Save In Energy.

Single Door Fridge

One Interesting Fact Is In The Single Door Refrigerator To Open A Freezer, First You Need To Open The Refrigerator Main Door And Then Freezer Door. Because Of Frequent Opening Of Door The Whole Fridge Temperature Goes Up.

This Is Of Utmost Importance When Comparing The Single Door Vs Double Door Fridges.

While A Single Door Refrigerator Has A Capacity Ranging From 50 Litres To 250 Litres, A Double Door Refrigerator Has The Capacity From 235 To 495 Litres.

This Means That A Single Door Refrigerator Is Great For A Small Or Medium Family From One To Three Members

Single Door Refrigerator Advantages

Single Door Refrigerators Are Most Commonly Sold Refrigerators. Most Of Us Have Used Our Fist Refrigerator In Our Childhood Is Single Door Refrigerator Only. Let’s See The Advantages Of Single Door Refrigerator.

Single Door Refrigerators Are The Most Energy Efficient Refrigerators. They Consume Very Less Power, Around 30 To 40% Less Power Compared To Double Door Refrigerators.

Comes In Compacts Size Of 50 To 250 Litres And Best For A Small Family Of 2 -3 Members.


Single Door Refrigerators Are Most Economical. Best Brands Of Single Door Refrigerators Like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung. You Can Get Them Under 20,000 Rs.

These Home Units Usually Required The Installation Of The Mechanical Parts, Motor And Compressor, In The Basement Or An Adjacent Room While The Cold Box Was Located In The Kitchen.

Freezer Units Are Used In Households And In Industry And Commerce. Food Stored At Or Below −18 °C (0 °F) Is Safe Indefinitely.

6. Galaxy Aircon – Ac Repairing In Bharuch

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me - Galaxy Aircon

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon 06

The Cooling Effect In Double Door Refrigerators Is High Due To Frost-Free Cooling Technology Used In Them. Frost-Free Cooling, As The Name Suggests, Does Not Require Ice To Cool. Instead, Cooling Is Done By Electric Fans, Which Evenly Distribute Cool Air Throughout The Refrigerator.

Thus, Double Door Refrigerators Are Capable Of Preserving A Large Number Of Food Items In Fresh Condition For Twice The Period As Opposed To Single Door Refrigerators.

Inverter Refrigeration

It Operates According To The Temperature In The Fridge: Runs At Full Speed When It Needs Cooling Down And Stops Completely When The Temperature Is Low Enough.


Energy Efficiency. As Opposed To A Regular Compressor, The Inverter Compressor Runs More Consistently And At Controlled Speeds, Which Means It Uses Significantly Less Energy.

Durability. Compressors Experience The Most Wear And Tear During The Start-Up Period. Inverter Compressors Start-Up Slowly, Thereby Reducing A Chance Of Failure.

Freshness. Because The Inverter Compressor Doesn’t Stop Completely, Only Slows Down, The Temperature In The Refrigerator Is More Constant, Which Means Better Storage Conditions For Your Food.

Quiet Operation. Due To Its Constant Operation An Inverter Compressor Also Produces Less Noise.


An Inverter Compressor Is Exceptionally Efficient. It Regulates Itself With The Cooling Load, But It Also Knows How To Adjust In Various Situations.

For Instance, When You Open The Refrigerator To Put In Items Or Take Them Out. In This Situation, You Might Leave The Door Open For An Extended Period.

The Compressor Will Sense The Change In Temperature And Start Working At A Higher Speed. That Is To To Make Up For The Loss Of Cold Air Without Wasting Electricity On Overcooling.

It Also Takes Seasons Into ACcount. In Summers, When The Temperature Is High Along With The Fridge Load, The Compressor Will Run At Full Speed. On The Contrary, Winters Will Need Less Power Consumption. That Is Because The Compressor Can Recognise The Temperature Outside And Slow Down.


Even During Nights, When There Is Little To No Activity, The Compressor Runs Slowly. As Such, This Kind Of Compressor Can Save As Much As 30% Off Your Electric Bill, If Not More.

Galaxy Aircon  Ac Repairing Service Centre

7. Galaxy Aircon – Ac Repair Near Me

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me - Galaxy Aircon 05

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon 07

What Are The Main Parts Of Your HVAC Ductwork And How Do They Work?

Ductable Air Conditioner 

There Are Several HVAC Duct Components That Make Up Your HVAC System. Here Are Some Of The Main Parts:

Ducts (Pipes And Trunks)

The Duct Pipes And Trunks In Your Home And Made Of Several Different Components. Simply Put, The Duct Pipes And Trunks Are The Main Channels That Connect To The Air Handler And Provide A Conduit For Warmed Or Cooled Air To Be Blown Throughout Your Home.

The Duct Trunk Is The Large Main Trunk, While The Duct Pipes Connect That Trunk To Each Room Of Your Home.

Most Of The Time, These Trunks And Pipes Are Made Of Galvanized Steel But, For Places Where Your Walls Need A More Bendable Option, Flexible Aluminium Can Also Be Used. This Aluminum Is Generally Called Flex Piping In Ductwork.


A Plenum Is Essentially A Large Box That Stores Air For The HVAC System And That Is Connected To The Various Ducts.

There Are Usually Two Plenums Of Your HVAC System’s Ductwork; The Supply Plenum And The Return Plenum. The HVAC System Will Fill The Supply Plenum With Heated Or Cooled Air,

Which Then Is Sent Through The Ductwork Of The System. When This Heated Or Cooled Air Enters A Room, It Pushes The Already-Present Air Out Of The Room Into Another Set Of Ducts. These Ducts Deliver This Returned Air To The Return Plenum. Depending On Your HVAC System,

The Returned Air Is Then Either Funneled Outside Through A Flue Or Filtered And Sent BACk Through The Heating And Cooling Process.


Flues Bring Air Outside. Generally, These Are Found In HVAC Systems Were Noxious Fumes Are Created Through The Heating Or Cooling Process. These Gasses Are Vented Outdoors Through The Flues.

If Your Return Plenum Does Not Recycle Returned Air, It Might Be Vented Outside Through A Flue.

Refrigerant Lines

The Refrigerant Lines Inside The HVAC System Bring Refrigerant Into The Compressors. This Refrigerant Allows Your HVAC System To Cool Or Heat Your Air.

Air Handler

The Air Handler In The HVAC System Is Where The Blower Fan And Filter Are Located. The Blower Fan Moves The Air Through The Ductwork. The Air Handler Also May Include The Heating Or Cooling Coils.

8. Galaxy Aircon – Best Ac Service In Vadodara

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me - Galaxy Aircon 07

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon 08

HVAC Systems Are Designed To Heat Or Cool The Air, But They Usually Dehumidify The Air As Well. That Means That Condensation Can Build Up Within The System, Which Is Why Drain Pans Exist.

They Take The Water That Has Been Created During The Heating Or Cooling Process And Drain It Using The Drain Lines Outside Of Your Home. Without Drain Pans In Your Ductwork, You Would End Up Having Rust Or Mold Inside Your Home.

When Should You Have Your HVAC Ductwork Repaired Or Replaced?

Most Ductwork Lasts Between 10 To 15 Years, Depending On The Maintenance Of Your HVAC System. (Make Sure You Are Taking Care Of Your HVAC System By Changing Your Filter At Least Every Three Months! For More Tips On HVAC Maintenance Go Here.)

If Your HVAC Ductwork Is Over 10-15 Years Old, You May Want To Call A HVAC Technician To See If There Are Any Improvements That You Can Make To Improve Its Efficiency. You May Need To Patch Some Leaks To Improve Effectiveness And Air Quality.

Does My HVAC Ductwork Need To Be Replaced When I Replace My Air Conditioner?

There Is A Time When You Will Need To At Least Replace A Few Parts Of Your HVAC System, Especially If You Are Getting A Completely New Furnace Or Air Conditioning Unit. Many Times, Newer Models Of Furnace’s And Air Conditioning Units Don’t Have Components That Match Up With Your Duct Work.

If This Is The Case, You May Need To Replace Certain Parts Of The Ductwork, Even If They Are In Reasonable Condition, Because Mismatched Systems Can Cause Your New Unit To Work Harder Than It Needs To And Fail Prematurely.

How Does A Home Warranty Help With HVAC Ductwork Modifications?

If You Have A Home Warranty And Your HVAC System Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced, You May End Up Having To Replace Parts Of The Ductwork As Well! Otherwise, Your System And Ductwork May Be Mismatched.

The Basic Function Of The Duct System

A Ductwork System Is Designed To Distribute Airflow From Your HVAC Equipment To Your Entire Home Or Commercial Building. This Encompasses The Air That Is Sucked From The Whole Building Into The Air Conditioner /Heater Where It Gets Cooled Or Heated And Then Pushed Back Via The Ducts Into Your Living Space.

The Intake And Output Of The Air Are Determined By How Efficient A Duct System Is. If You Do Not Have Properly Designed Return Vents, The Equilibrium Of The Cooling And Heating System And Air Pressure Will Be Off. This Makes Your Climate Control And Home’s Efficiency Suffer Invariably.

9. Galaxy Aircon – Ac Repair In Manjalpur, Vadodara

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me - Galaxy Aircon 08

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon 09

Once You Set Up The Exhaust Hose And Window Kit, You Can Simply Plug In Your AC And Start Cooling!

What Is Required To Set Up A Portable AC?

Requirements Vary Based On The Model, But Set Up Is Typically Quick And Painless. Since All Portable ACs Remove Warm Air And Moisture As They Cool, The Air Has To Be Exhausted To Another Location–Generally Outside Through An Included Window Kit.

Window Kits Have A Window Slider And Exhaust Hose(S), Which Can Easily Be Set Up To Exhaust Warm Air Outside. Select Models Can Also Be Vented Into A Drop Ceiling Or Through A Wall.

How Do Portable Air Conditioners Drain Water?

We Know PACS Remove Warm Air And Moisture From Your Air, And That They Exhaust Warm Air Outside Through A Window Kit. But What About The Moisture? There Are A Few Ways PACS Deal With This Condensate Water:

Fully Self-Evaporative Models: Advanced Portable ACs Automatically Evaporate Moisture Out The Exhaust Hose Along With Warm Air. This Means You’ll Very Rarely (Or Never) Have To Deal With The Collected Condensate Water. Brands With Fully Self-Evaporative Models Include DeLong Portable ACs, Wynter Models, Andavallon Portable ACs.

Gravity Drain And Condensate Pump: Another Common Way To Get Rid Of Collected Moisture Is To Attach A Drain Hose. Simply Attach The Hose To The Drain Port And Direct Water Into A Drain Or Another Location.

Manual Removal: Standard Portable Air Conditioners Have Buckets That Need To Be Emptied Periodically–From As Often As Every 8 Hours To Just Once A Month. Depending On Your Humidity And Time Of Use, Water Will Collect Inside The Unit And You’ll Simply Have To Turn It Off, Empty The Bucket, And Then Replace It Before Cooling Starts Again.

What Size Air Conditioner (BTU Level) Do I Need?

Similar To Other Types Of Room Air Conditioners, Portable ACs Measure Their Power In Btus. The More Btus Of Cooling Power A PAC Has, The More Room It Can Cool. We Typically Classify Our Portable ACs According To The Following Room Square Footage Guidelines:

Small Rooms: Portable ACs With Between 7,000 Btus And 10,000 Btus Are Ideal For Small Bedrooms, Offices, Or Nurseries Up To 300 Square Feet. View Our Portable ACs For Small Rooms

Medium-Sized Spaces: Portable Air Conditioners In This Category Are Best Suited For Cooling Medium To Large Areas Such As Living Rooms, Sun Rooms, Or Larger Bedrooms. If Your Room Is Between 350 And 700 Square Feet, View Our Available Models With 11,000 To 14,000 Btus Of Cooling Power.

Large/Commercial Applications: These Portable Air Conditioners Work Well In Commercial And Industrial Applications, Including Large Computer Server Rooms, Manufacturing Facilities, And Special Event Spaces. Check Out Our Available Models For Commercial Applications.

What Is A Portable Air Conditioner?

A Portable Air Conditioner Is An Air Conditioner That Is Mobile. Unlike Window, Through-The-Wall, Or Central Air Conditioning Units, Portable Units Do Not Require Permanent Installation. Commonly, These Units Have Caster Wheels For Easy Portability, Are Relatively Lightweight, And Are Generally About 28″ To 34″ Tall.

Features Of Industrial Panel Air Conditioner:

The Device Is Highly Reliable And Will Perform Its Function Beyond Your Expectations. Its High Reliability Is Its Main Feature, Which Makes It The First Choice Of Its Users.

10. Galaxy Aircon – Ac Service In Gotri Vadodara

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me - Galaxy Aircon 09

AC Repair In Vadodara Near Me – Galaxy Aircon 10

Herambh Cooling Is A Top-Notch Company That Is Engaged In Catering Wide Range Of Panel Air Conditioner In Fine Quality. Panel Cooler With Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle Is Used To Maintain The Temperature And Humidity Of Control Panel Of Various Machines.

For Utmost Satisfaction Of Clients, We Cater Them Our Newly Designed Drainless Panel According To Their Preferences.

Features Of Industrial Panel Air Conditioner:

The Device Is Highly Reliable And Will Perform Its Function Beyond Your Expectations. Its High Reliability Is Its Main Feature, Which Makes It The First Choice Of Its Users.

The Panel Air Conditioner Is Very Easy And Safe To Operate And Even A Non-Tech Person Can Handle It All Alone.

Due To Some Of Its Advanced Features, It Consumes Less Power Than The Previous Versions Available In The Market, Which Further Cut Down Your Electricity Cost.

The High Efficiency Of The Device Makes It A Worth Buying Product That One Should Invest In.

Specifications Of Panel Air Conditioner

Type Of Mounting- Side, Top, Stand Alone

Operating Conditions-Wide Range Of Ambient Temp Like 8 Deg. C To 42 Deg. C Inside Temp. 24 Deg. C To 36 Deg. C

Sheet Metal Body-It Consists Of Light Weight Body That Is Made Up Of Aluminium Sheet & Weather Proof Vinyl Skin With Scratch Proof Lamination

Condenser & Cooling Coil-Manufactured From Imported Superior Quality Inner Grooved Copper Tube

Temperature Controller-Digital Temperature Controller With High & Low Temperature

Technical Specification Of Panel Air Conditioner

Owing To Continuous Product Foundation Specification May Alter Without Earlier Notice

Capacity Based On Conditions I.E. Evaporating 7.2° C Condensing Temperature 54°C & Ambient Temperature 38° C


High-Quality CRCA / SS 304 Powder Coated Body

100 % Tested For Performance On Specially Designed Test Rig Simulated For On-Site Load Conditions

Closed-Loop Design To Keep Hostile Industrial Environment Out Of Panel. No Dust, No Fumes, No Danger To The Inside Electronics

Operating On Environmental Friendly 134a Refrigerant, Which Is An Approved Refrigerant Under Montreal Protocol. 134a Is Having Zero (Odp) Ozone Depletion Potential

Emerson Or Equivalent Made Compressors With High Reliability

Microprocessor-Based Digital Two Set Point Temperature Indicator Cum Controller (Tic)

Potential Free Alarm For High And Low-Temperature Alerts ( Optional )

High / Low-Pressure Cut-Off Switches

Lubrication Free Sealed Ball Bearing Motors

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