Air Conditioner Guide, To Buy In 2021 In Vadodara – Amazon

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Air Conditioner Guide, To Buy In 2021 In Vadodara – Amazon

Here Are The Parameters For Split Air Conditioner:- 

Which AC To Buy:- 


Air Conditioner Guide – Galaxy Aircon Vadodara 01


Air Conditioner Guide – Galaxy Aircon Vadodara 02

Energy Star Rating 

Energy star rating

Air Conditioner Guide – Galaxy Aircon Vadodara 03

Power consumption

Air Conditioner Guide – Galaxy Aircon Vadodara 04

Copper Coil Or Aluminium Coil 

Copper coil
Air Conditioner Guide – Galaxy Aircon Vadodara 05

Aluminium or copper
Air Conditioner Guide – Galaxy Aircon Vadodara 06
Copper coils
Air Conditioner Guide – Galaxy Aircon Vadodara 07

Inverter Air Conditioner Or Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

Inverters are what convert DC (Direct Current) power to AC (Alternating Current) power. Within air conditioners, you first take the AC power from the wall socket and convert it to DC and then turn it back into AC for the compressor motor. Traditional air conditioners used to do this in a fixed manner so compressors would either be in an ON state or an OFF state. Inverter air conditioners are more dynamic with the switching frequency.

This allows the compressor to work in a variable manner so effectively; you are varying the tonnage/capacity of the air conditioner as per your needs. This precise control helps you manage temperature better than traditional air conditioners.
However, getting to the right temperature takes a little extra time in inverter air conditioners as compared to traditional air conditioners. Because there is complicated circuitry involved, these inverter air conditioners are also more expensive to repair, especially when the main circuit board, i.e. the PCB goes wonky, you have to replace the board entirely.

With traditional air conditioners, you could simply replace the individual components on the circuit board as they weren’t complex. Of course, if you were to get the parts list, you can always replace the components on an inverter air conditioner as well, but you’ll be stuck if the main microcontroller is messed up. You need to program those before replacing them.

Since the capacity of inverter air conditioners is variable and more precise, you end up using just the right amount of power needed. This makes inverter air conditioners more efficient than traditional ACs. Certain manufacturers also use twin cylinder compressors which allow for greater control over the compressors. That, coupled with inverter technology, helps save power even more. However, complicated machinery tends to break down more often than simpler machinery. Here are the pros and cons summarised.


+ Uses less power

+ More consistent temperatures – Less reliable


– Expensive

Inverter technology
Air Conditioner Guide – Galaxy Aircon Vadodara 08
Air Conditioner Guide – Galaxy Aircon Vadodara 09


For ACs, we’re focused on its cooling capacity, what kind of ambient temperature it’s built for, filtration, the coolant used, and a few of the smarter features that have now become common.



They are pretty large because they have to incorporate every component inside a single chassis. This also means that there are fewer things that a consumer has to worry about, and thus, the entire unit ends up being cheaper than the reset.

Such ACs are also termed monoblocks for this very reason. To mount a Window AC onto a wall, you ideally require about 9-12 inch thick walls. If your walls are thinner than that, an additional support structure will be necessary, or you’re better off looking for a thicker wall. 


+ Cheap 

+ Easy to install 

+ Monoblock design 


– Noisy 

– Needs a thick and sturdy wall for mounting .


Seen as an improvement over Window ACs, split ACs are made by separating the compressor and heat dispensing coils into an external unit that sits outside your home. Maintenance for split ACs is more difficult since the maintenance personnel has to access the external unit.

There are also certain limitations regarding how far apart the internal and external unit can be installed. The farther you place the two, the less efficient the combination becomes so you should ideally keep it low. That being said, these ACs can be installed up to 40 meters away from each other provided the interconnecting tubing is well-covered.

Cassette ACs are a variant of split ACs in which the internal unit is mounted on the ceiling of the room. 


+ Expensive 

+ Makes less noise

+ Can be installed on any wall – Difficult to install


– Higher risk of coolant leaks 


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