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A Ductwork System Is Designed To Distribute Airflow From Your HVAC Equipment To Your Entire Home Or Commercial Building.

A Ductwork System Is Designed To Distribute Airflow From Your HVAC Equipment To Your Entire Home Or Commercial Building. This Encompasses The Air That Is Sucked From The Whole Building Into The Air Conditioner /Heater Where It Gets Cooled Or Heated And Then Pushed Back Via The Ducts Into Your Living Space.

When Should You Have Your HVAC Ductwork Repaired Or Replaced?

Most Ductwork Lasts Between 10 To 15 Years, Depending On The Maintenance Of Your HVAC System. (Make Sure You Are Taking Care Of Your HVAC System By Changing Your Filter At Least Every Three Months! For More Tips On HVAC Maintenance Go Here.) If Your HVAC Ductwork Is Over 10-15 Years Old, You May Want To Call A HVAC Technician To See If There Are Any Improvements That You Can Make To Improve Its Efficiency. You May Need To Patch Some Leaks To Improve Effectiveness And Air Quality.

Does My HVAC Ductwork Need To Be Replaced When I Replace My Air Conditioner?

There Is A Time When You Will Need To At Least Replace A Few Parts Of Your HVAC System, Especially If You Are Getting A Completely New Furnace Or Air Conditioning Unit. Many Times, Newer Models Of Furnaces And Air Conditioning Units Don’t Have Components That Match Up With Your Duct Work. If This Is The Case, You May Need To Replace Certain Parts Of The Ductwork, Even If They Are In Reasonable Condition, Because Mismatched Systems Can Cause Your New Unit To Work Harder Than It Needs To And Fail Prematurely.


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How Does A Home Warranty Help With HVAC Ductwork Modifications?

If You Have A Home Warranty And Your HVAC System Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced, You May End Up Having To Replace Parts Of The Ductwork As Well! Otherwise, Your System And Ductwork May Be Mismatched.

Ducts (Pipes And Trunks)

The Duct Pipes And Trunks In Your Home And Made Of Several Different Components. Simply Put, The Duct Pipes And Trunks Are The Main Channels That Connect To The Air Handler And Provide A Conduit For Warmed Or Cooled Air To Be Blown Throughout Your Home. The Duct Trunk Is The Large Main Trunk, While The Duct Pipes Connect That Trunk To Each Room Of Your Home.

Duct Transitions

Obviously, These Ducts Need To Be Connected According To The Shape Of The Home If Your HVAC System Is To Work Efficiently. There Isn’t A One-Size-Fits-All Approach To HVAC Systems, So These Duct Trunks And Pipes Must Be Connected Using Duct Transitions.

Refrigerant Lines

The Refrigerant Lines Inside The HVAC System Bring Refrigerant Into The Compressors. This Refrigerant Allows Your HVAC System To Cool Or Heat Your Air.

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