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We Provide Optimum Quality Air Conditioner Repairing Services At Reasonable Prices, Our Refrigeration Experts Have 20+ Years Of Experience In Repairing Various Types Of Refrigeration. 

Single Door Fridge

One Interesting FACt Is In The Single Door Refrigerator To Open A Freezer, First You Need To Open The Refrigerator Main Door And Then Freezer Door. Because Of Frequent Opening Of Door The Whole Fridge Temperature Goes Up.

This Is Of Utmost Importance When Comparing The Single Door Vs Double Door Fridges .While A Single Door Refrigerator Has A CapACity Ranging From 50 Litres To 250 Litres, A Double Door Refrigerator Has The CapACity From 235 To 495 Litres. This Means That A Single Door Refrigerator Is Great For A Small Or Medium Family From One To Three Members

Single Door Refrigerators Are The Most Energy Efficient Refrigerators. They Consume Very Less Power, Around 30 To 40% Less Power Compared To Double Door Refrigerators.

Comes In Compacts Size Of 50 To 250 Litres And Best For A Small Family Of 2 -3 Members.

Single Door Refrigerators Are Most Economical. Best Brands Of Single Door Refrigerators Like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung. You Can Get Them Under 20,000 Rs.

Energy Efficiency

As Opposed To A Regular Compressor, The Inverter Compressor Runs More Consistently And At Controlled Speeds, Which Means It Uses Significantly Less Energy.


Compressors Experience The Most Wear And Tear During The Start Up Period. Inverter Compressors Start Up Slowly, Thereby Reducing A Chance Of Failure.


Because The Inverter Compressor Doesn’t Stop Completely, Only Slows Down, The Temperature In The Refrigerator Is More Constant, Which Means Better Storage Conditions For Your Food.

Freezer ( Refrigerator ) Units Are Used In Households And In Industry And Commerce. Food Stored At Or Below −18 °C (0 °F) Is Safe Indefinitely.

The Refrigeration System Basically Has Five Main Parts:

Refrigerant, Which Is A Liquid/Gas That Flows Through The System And Cools The Refrigerator.

Two Sets Of Pipes That Hold The Refrigerant And Exchange The Heat. One Is Inside. It Absorbs The Heat And Exchanges It With Cold. The Other Is Outside And It Releases The Heat Into The Air.

Compressor That Rises Pressure Of The Gas In The System And Liquefies It.

Expansion Valve That Releases The Gas Pressure, Vaporizes The Gas Which Takes The Heat From The Inside Of The Refrigerator.

Double Door Refrigerators Are One Of The Best Refrigerators For Large Families. In This Article, We Analyse The Advantages Of Double Door Refrigerators.

There Are Two Separate Doors In A Double Door Refrigerator. This Ensures That You Do Not Need To Open The Main Door Of The Refrigerator To ACcess The Freezer And Vice Versa. 2 Doors Also Ensure The Minimum Escape Of Heat Even When The Refrigerator Is Opened Frequently.


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