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    Cassette air conditioners work like other wall-mounted split system units. The difference is that the cassette systems are mounted on the ceiling, not on the wall. The inner unit itself is on the ceiling and distributes the conditioned air through two, three, or four sides of the device. The external device is mounted on the outside, in the same way as a conventional wall-mounted system unit.


    Cassette air conditioners are not intrusive and are available in different sizes and capacities. This gives you the freedom to choose a model according to your requirements and budget. Cassette air conditioners are more suitable for use in larger areas. Since they take up quite a lot of ceiling space - and since the ceiling usually consists of beams, you will need to consult an expert to find out exactly where it is appropriate to install.

    Most often, experts recommend that cassette air conditioners should be installed in a place that allows for balanced airflow.

    The advantages of cassette air conditioners

    Given the fact that the cold air falls and the hot air rise in the room, one of the main advantages of the cassette air conditioners is that they ensure a good distribution of air in the room. This is due to powerful fans, which have the ability to regulate the proper distribution of air in larger spaces compared to ordinary air conditioners.

    Ceiling Air Conditioners

    Another advantage of cassette air conditioning systems is that installing them on the ceiling saves a significant amount of space and even makes them almost invisible.

    Silent Operation

    Usually, the second unit of the cassette air conditioners is located outside. This makes their work silent for employees in an office or residents of a building.


    Service Center

    The performance of cassette air conditioners can be compared to any other types of systems. They are most often installed in retail outlets or offices and are more powerful than systems mounted on walls. They are particularly suitable for circumstances where split systems hanging on walls or other types of systems are not an option. In most cases, cassette air conditioners are more expensive than other air conditioning systems.

    When choosing a cassette air conditioner you will come across a large selection on the market. Cassette air conditioners are one of the best because they can be installed in various rooms such as apartments and offices. Installation is most often on the ceiling and makes them especially suitable if you have a suspended ceiling, as there is enough space for installation.

    • Less space requires to install
    • Low profile and unobtrusive
    • Ability to distribute air throughout the room
    • Great cooling options