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Galaxy Aircon Is Providing Best Quality Refrigerator And VC Cooler Repair Services In Vadodara, Gujarat From Past 20+ Years, With 100% Customer Satisfaction

How Can It Help In Saving Electricity?

An Inverter Compressor Is Exceptionally Efficient. It Regulates Itself With The Cooling Load, But It Also Knows How To Adjust In Various Situations.

For Instance, When You Open The Refrigerator To Put In Items Or Take Them Out. In This Situation, You Might Leave The Door Open For An Extended Period. The Compressor Will Sense The Change In Temperature And Start Working At A Higher Speed. That Is To To Make Up For The Loss Of Cold Air Without Wasting Electricity On Overcooling.

It Also Takes Seasons Into Account. In Summers, When The Temperature Is High Along With The Fridge Load, The Compressor Will Run At Full Speed. On The Contrary, Winters Will Need Less Power Consumption. That Is Because The Compressor Can Recognise The Temperature Outside And Slow Down.

VC Coolers Refrigerators Are The Most Energy Efficient VC Coolers Refrigerators. They Consume Very Less Power, Around 30 To 40% Less Power Compared To Double Door Refrigerators.

VC Cooler Refrigerators Home Units Usually Required The Installation Of The Mechanical Parts, Motor And Compressor, In The Basement Or An Adjacent Room While The Cold Box Was Located In The Kitchen.

VC Coolers Refrigerators Are Most Economical. Best Brands Of Single Door Refrigerators Like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung. You Can Get Them Under 20,000 Rs.

VC Coolers Refrigerators Occupies Very Little Floor Space And Volume Because Of Small Capacity


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Before The Invention Of The Refrigerator, Icehouses Were Used To Provide Cool Storage For Most Of The Year. PlACed Near Freshwater Lakes Or PACked With Snow And Ice During The Winter, They Were Once Very Common. Natural Means Are Still Used To Cool Foods Today. On Mountainsides, Runoff From Melting Snow Is A Convenient Way To Cool Drinks, And During The Winter One Can Keep Milk Fresh Much Longer Just By Keeping It Outdoors. The Word "Refrigerator" Was Used At Least As Early As The 17th Century.

The First Form Of Artificial Refrigeration Was Invented By William Cullen, A Scottish Scientist. Cullen Showed How The Rapid Heating Of Liquid To A Gas Can Result In Cooling. This Is The Principle Behind Refrigeration That Still Remains Today. Cullen Never Turned His Theory Into PrACtice, But Many Were Inspired To Try To Realize His Idea.



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